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National Fostering Group

National Fostering Group

A Partnership To Support You

Here at Money Matters Community Bank, we’ve partnered with National Fostering Group to help support foster carers. As foster carers, you provide a safe, loving environment for foster children, helping them to adapt to life’s challenges and thrive. Yet for all of the value you bring improving the lives of these children, the sacrifices you make come with their own financial challenges. As self-employed people with sometimes inconsistent income, particularly when you are between periods of fostering children, it can be challenging for you to find the financial services you need.

we’re for people, not for profit.

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Money Matters Community Bank provides financial services to foster carers in the UK. We’re a financial co-operative which provides savings, loans and a range of financial services to its customers, who are members. It is owned and controlled by the members – we are owned by the people who use our services, so the emphasis is always on providing the best service to members.


We believe in being transparent and working with our customers on a “Journey to Yes.” We don’t judge, and we work closely with our foster carer members to help you take the steps you need to secure the loan or financial services you need to meet your needs and the needs of the vulnerable children and young people you look after.


Money Matters Community Bank have been meeting with your leadership to learn more about your banking and lending needs. With feedback and suggestions from your leadership, we have developed a list of products and services specifically with National Fostering Group foster carers in mind.

Loans Designed For You


Loans for bedroom division, bedroom additions or other home improvement loans – to enable you to foster additional children.


Short-term emergency expenditures loans – to help you spread out the cost of some of your expenses during in-between periods fostering children.

Why Choose Us?

Loans at affordable, highly-competitive interest rates, as well as home improvement loans supported by National Fostering Group. As carers who are part of the National Fostering Group, your loan repayments can come automatically out of your fostering payment, enabling us to offer you affordable and highly-competitive interest rates on your loans. We can offer you emergency short-term expenditure loans, to help you spread the cost of your expenses during in-between periods of fostering children. We also offer holiday, wedding, vacation and debt-consolidation loans. Most importantly, National Fostering Group may be able to subsidise your loan for a bedroom division, bedroom addition or other home improvements, enabling us to offer you an even better interest rate.

Additional Banking Products for
Foster Carers and Children


These accounts can be opened for your foster children, interest would be paid on them, and upon turning 18 these accounts can be transformed into adult accounts, providing them with their first adult account.


Savings payments deducted directly from your fostering payments, to help you automatically build savings and improve your credit.


This is a credit reference and modelling tool that our customers can subscribe to, enabling them to see how changes to their financial situation changes their credit score.

Money Matters Community Bank – a bank providing affordable products and services for foster carers, because we are owned in part by foster carers.

In order to take advantage of our partnership with the National Fostering Group, whether applying for a loan or having access to one of the aforementioned banking products, you would need to open an account with us. We charge no set-up fees to open an account, and for National Fostering Group foster carers we will reduce our requirement to make a £5 initial deposit to £1 when opening an account.

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