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As a financial co-operative, we don’t have external shareholders, we are owned by our members.
We were created to help build financial resilience and offer affordable credit to individuals and businesses in our local community.
We exist to help our members by offering financial products and services. We encourage our members to save with us regularly, as this will help them be financially prepared if the unexpected happens and provides a fund for the better things in life. Everyone needs a safe home for their savings and we hope people choose to have theirs with us.

Members Benefits

Money Matters Community Bank offers a range of affordable solutions to give peace of mind


Get access to fast and reliable loans to fund your personal needs


Grow your wealth and secure your future with our savings plans

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We provide a range of plans to help you achieve your goals and thrive


Sometimes we all need a little financial help. Whatever it is you need, whether it’s for a car, DIY, home improvements or anything else, we’re here to help.


Learn about what savings you can get through Money Matters Community Bank