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Teaching our children about banking with Money Bees.

Money Bees

Helping Schools Teach Kids About Banking with Money Bees.

Money Matters is delighted to be offering schools in the Luton area the opportunity to enrol in our Money Bees program, helping prepare future adults to have a better understanding of spending habits, banking and savings as a part of their school’s personal social health education.



Money Bees is a comprehensive, in-school banking program that Money Matters offers to enable schools to set-up and manage an In-School banking scheme complete with an online platform. We provide the training, passbooks and ongoing support in their efforts to help students begin to develop a sound understanding of money and finance.


Our current pilot school is Beecroft Academy, a school that has been recognised as a Financial Centre of Excellence by Young Enterprise and Young Money. They encourage children to aim to save £2 a week, enabling them to save £30 or more in the first six months. Each class has a specific banking day, where participating children can make an in-school deposit and have their deposit entered into their passbook.


For those children that save £30 or more in the first six months and have demonstrated they are weekly savers and have developed the habit of saving, Money Matters offers a powerful incentive for children to participate in a School Savings Club, by giving them an additional £30 bonus as a reward!

"The Money Bees In-School banking program offered by Money Matters Community Bank has been an invaluable part of our efforts to move our teaching from theory to actual practice, and it has had such an impact on the children's ability to see and understand how banking and savings actually works"

Hear What People Have To Say About Money Bees

“After the first month of offering the program, we had 20% of the students participating regularly, and we expect that number to increase in the coming months. We believe that Money Bees is a vital aspect of our financial health curriculum.”

Helping Kids Understand Banking

Interested in finding out more? Please contact Shamiaza Ahmed, Operations Manager at Money Matters Community Bank, at [email protected] or call 01582 666 877.

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