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Savings Tips for 2022!

All the tips and advice to help you navigate the financial storms and get closer to your goals!

We’re a month into 2022 (nearly two!)

January is never an easy month financially, as we all recover from spending over the festive season. And it’s not been an easy start to the year either – with food prices and energy bills soaring through the roof, our wallets have been hit harder than ever before.

If you’re just about making ends meet, you might be thinking that it’s impossible for you to save. Whether it’s for a holiday, or just to buy something you’ve always wanted – we’re here to help! We’ll be giving you all the tips and advice to help you navigate the financial storms and get closer to your goals! So let’s all start by agreeing that February is when the real new year begins!

1. Start building out your budget planner!

It might be tiring to constantly hear about the benefits of budgeting, but it truly is life-changing – and doesn’t need to be difficult either! Tracking how much income you’ll be receiving each month against fixed costs that you know you’ll have to pay will help give you an idea of how much you can save!

Start by making a list of your set monthly expenses such as rent, mortgage payments, bills, insurance and food. Then make a separate list of your monthly income including your wages, any benefits, or child support.

To help keep track of all these numbers, check out this free online budget planner!

2. Reduce your energy bills!

If you’ve crunched the numbers and there isn’t much left for you to save, let’s see how we can try to cut down the biggest expense for many households – energy bills! Here are some short-term solutions:

3. Be smart, super-shoppers!

Next up, we’ve got our staple groceries and food! Whilst you might be thinking it’s impossible to cut your expenses here, there are a few things you can do to curb a major dip in your wallet!

4. Set up an account, specifically for saving!

Once you’ve tried a few of these tips and realise you’ve got enough to start saving, we highly recommend separating this money from your regular accounts. Setting up a separate savings account will make sure that you don’t accidentally dip into it, and you can also earn some interest just by keeping it in there!

At Money Matters Community Bank, we have a range of flexible saving accounts on offer! You can choose how to save, as much or as little as you like, whenever it suits you and withdraw your savings at any time! We’re not for profit, which means that as a member who saves with us, you’ll also have a share in the ownership of the Community Bank, giving you a say in how the bank is run, as well as the opportunity to earn dividends!

So what are you waiting for?

Kickstart your new year the right way, and join us today!