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Christmas Savings Tips

Everything you need to know to get ready for the festive season!

Christmas is right around the corner, so we thought it would be great to let you know our top tips to get you ready for the festive season without breaking the bank!

1. Plan Plan Plan Beforehand!

It’s never a good idea to spend money on all those presents, decorations and food, to then look back at your balance and see what a mess you’ve made of your finances.

Instead, before even looking at what you want to buy, look at your budget! How much will you be able to spend without putting a huge dent in your financial plans? Remember, Christmas is only for one day; don’t let it spoil your finances for the following year!

2. Make a wish-list as early as possible!

Include everything that you might need to account for!

Group them in separate categories such as people you want to buy presents for, your christmas tree and all your food and decorations!

Split your budget according to each group as an estimate for how much you can spend!

3. Research those deals as early as possible!

Everyone is looking for the most affordable deals to make their Christmas a little cheaper so it’s incredibly important to start grabbing those deals as early as possible! This is especially important if you’re planning to travel for the holidays, as those train ticket prices can definitely shoot up!

Also remember, there’s no harm in buying things a little early and stashing them in a cupboard till the big day! (maybe not for food though!)

Investing in a fake Christmas tree, rather than a real one can help you save for years to come! They can be used every Christmas and you avoid all the mess watering and cleaning up pine needles! You can find some amazing deals here!

Be sure to check your local supermarket and toy stores to see if they’re running any festive saving deals!

4. Remember those presents?

Christmas is most definitely all about giving. There’s no better feeling that picking out a present for someone and watching their reaction as they open it! But it’s important to remember that you should try to spend within your budget as much as possible, even if that means opting for cheaper alternatives!

For the adults, it’s a great idea to agree on a spending limit before-hand! That way, if you want to opt for a more expensive gift, you can all band together rather than breaking the bank. Not only will the gift be within their expectations, but you’ll both be exchanging gifts for the same price – so there’s no arguments over who spent more!

For the kids, we have lots of tips for fun yet affordable gifts!

5. If you need a little extra help, reach out to your local community bank!

If you’d like to spread out the cost of your Christmas, or even if you need a little extra help with managing your savings, always feel free to reach out to your community!

Community banks are a much better alternative to pay-day lenders or loan sharks, who often charge extremely high interest rates on loans which can easily spiral out of control!

At Money Matters Community Bank, we’re here to support our community! We offer affordable interest rates on our loans, whilst helping you with your savings so that you can enjoy the Christmas you deserve without the financial stress!

So what are you waiting for?

Sleigh this Christmas, and join us today!