Members of Money Matters Community bank can save regularly and easily through payroll deduction or Standing Order. Save up for that big holiday, those important presents for loved ones or to help secure your future with a rainy day fund, all whilst knowing your money is being put to good use – by letting us help those in need within the community through lending money. There’s more, as a member who saves with the Community Bank you’ll also have a share in the ownership of the CB, giving you a say in how the bank is run, as well as the opportunity to earn dividends!

Here are some more reasons we think that saving with Money Matters Community Bank might benefit you:


You choose how to save, as much or as little as you like, whenever suits you, with MMCB we want saving to work for you. Pay in cash or cheques in-office, or at one of our collection points, straight from your bank with standing orders or directly from your salary with your employer’s consent through payroll deduction.

Check your balance online

With our online member’s portal your savings will always be at your fingertips, making checking the balance of your Community Bank account and savings accounts easier than ever.

Save while you pay

If you are successful in applying for a loan with us, you’ll be able to continue adding to your savings whilst you pay it back.

Withdraw your savings when you need

As long as your saving balances are over and above any loan that you may have, they are available for withdrawal.

Save up to £15,000 per member

Your money is fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Free life cover on savings

Subject to terms and conditions.

No hidden transactions charges or fees.
Annual dividend

Subject to Community Bank’s annual results.

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