Win £5,000 just by saving!

It’s easy. Every £1 in your PrizeSaver account at the end of the month gives you 1 automatic entry into the following month’s prize draw. You get a maximum of 200 entries a month, which is equal to £200 in savings. The PrizeSaver scheme is exclusive to the 14 participating credit unions, giving you a higher chance to win!

Every £1 in your Prizesaver account enters you into the monthly draw.
You can Save up to £200 & have up to 200 entries per month.
The more you save, The more chances you have to WIN!

How To Get Started

If you are over 18 years of age and wish to participate in the PrizeSaver monthly prize drawings, please click the link below and fill out the form to open your PrizeSaver account.

There is no cost to you for opening a PrizeSaver account and no monthly costs associated with this account.


Follow The Steps Below

Please click the button below to fill out the form to open your PrizeSaver account. We will do the rest.

Find out more about the PrizeSaver scheme here:


How do prize draw entries work?

Every £1 in your PrizeSaver account gives you 1 entry into the monthly prize draw (up to £200). You are automatically entered into the draw every month. The maximum number of entries for each person is 200, equal to £200 in savings.

The number of entries you have in each month’s draw will be based on your PrizeSaver account balance on the last day of the previous month (up to 200 entries). For example, your entries into the February draw will be determined by the balance in your account on the last day in January.

How much can I win?

Every month one lucky winner from a participating community bank or credit union wins £5,000, 10 people win £50 and 10 people win £20.

What are my chances of winning?

The PrizeSaver draw is made between all eligible members across all participating credit unions and community banks in the UK. For example, in April 2021, there were 14,153 active accounts.

When does the monthly draw take place?

The prize draw will usually take place on the 15th of each month. If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the draw may take place on a different date.